Saturday, August 13, 2016

Here's the cover artwork from the fantastic new book, "Theep and Thorpe, Adventures In Space," that my dear friend Lillian Nader wrote. The image on the right is the actual cover art and the one on the left is a recent vector art upgrade. It is such an honor to have created a piece of art that inspired such a wonderful, uplifting story!

Women have always inspired my artistry, especially since my first professional career was as a fashion illustrator. At the Super Bowl, earlier this year Beyonce blew me away with her bold salute to the Black Panther Party. The second image portrays Maude Maggart, who's sister is Fiona Apple. She sings at an open mic I attend. The beauty that flows from every note she sings is awe inspiring and the length of her musical phrases in astounding. She performs a beautiful version of the standard, "Skylark" and the bird above her is a Skylark in flight.

Here are a few images, created earlier this year. I was stunned by the passing of 2 of my favorite musicians, David Bowie and Prince! Both were highly unique innovators who continually broke uncharted ground in their musical endeavors. They each wrote, played, recorded and performed their own compositions and appeared in films. Prince was also a producer and quite an accomplished dancer. These images were created to honor their tremendous contribution to the music industry. Bowie was a skinny nerd who changed his image often and set unprecedented worldwide style trends. Prince was of mixed racial heritage and stood only 5' 2." He constantly wore Cuban heeled shoes or boots and sometimes donned high heeled shoes, resembling women's shoes, which Bowie also did. They both wore makeup and their lyrics often crossed gender barriers. I hope you enjoy viewing these images and can feel the immense joy with which they were created.